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TOWER 4.6m high with Wheels (T46W)

Scaffolding Tower NEW 4.6m  

NEW, now in BLUE POWDER COAT, not paint.

1.25m W I D E   
we've noticed many of the 0.9m narrow scaffold towers being offered on TradeMe.  The 1.2 wide is much more stable.  With the wide towers you can fit 2 planks to make a 900mm wide platform and still climb up through the inside, which is much safer that going up the outside..  

"no snag" platforms.  before i started importing scaffold, i bought one from Auckland,  Their product has nasty sharp edges.  Just make sure to look at that.   

New Tower scaffold.
3.7 m WORKING height.  (that's the height of the platform above the ground,  some ads state only the overall height).

Included in this package:

This auction with large 200mm Wheels
(TOTAL OF 4 PIECES)  heavy duty cast iron, with solid 500mm long acme rod 36.5mm od.  wheels and rod can be separated and rods be used as adjustable feet.

4 Upright H-Frames,  1.7 m high, 1.8 m long, 1.25m WIDE
(please make sure when you compare with other vendors have the narrow 0.9m product on offer which is naturally less stable than the 1.25m wide)

4 Cross-braces for the 1.7 H-Frames, that's 8 diagonal rods

Guard-rail Frame 0.9m high, consisting of  2 Upright H-Frames, 2 straight braces

2 Planks 400 wide.  These are nice strong planks, 250 kg each distributed load.   

(2 Planks included at this price,  additional planks available at $58.60 per plank).

Finish is BLUE powder coat , braces and metal on the swivel wheels are galv.   

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